Male Breast Reduction Dubai

Although it is not life-threatening, men might experience severe mental discomfort as a result of the presence of male breasts.

Male breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic operation that shrinks bloated male breast tissue, and patients may experience notable benefits in their physical and emotional health. This surgery, which is now accessible under local anaesthesia,
can correct the appearance of extra male breast tissue for a more manly, contoured figure.

Excess fatty and glandular breast tissue in males, often known as gynecomastia in the medical world, can be uncomfortable and physically demanding to cope with. This can then result in humiliation and a poor perception of one’s physique.

Gynecomastia is a rather prevalent issue among males, especially in young adults. Additionally, although it often affects older men and adolescent boys, it can afflict males at any stage of their life.


The extra glandular tissue and fat in the chest of gynecomastia patients may only be eliminated surgically (through liposuction and mastectomy). Gynecomastia surgery for male breast reduction has a variety of outstanding advantages, such

  • a more masculine figure
  • improved confidence and self-esteem
  • makes physical activity easier
  • less back pain

Following this surgery, many patients report feeling more confident and at ease with their appearance. They might appreciate being able to button a shirt completely. Alternatively, they could feel more confident about how they look in
a t-shirt or bathing suit.

Additionally, the weight of extra breast tissue may be uncomfortable or painful. You might be able to jump, run, and engage in other activities that you previously found unpleasant after gynecomastia surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery


Sometimes, Dr. Leonard will merely remove breast tissue using liposuction. To remove fat, he make multiple tiny incisions and insert a suction tube. Dr. Leonard could advise excision if you have extra skin, fat, or tissue. Larger incisions are used in this method to remove breast tissue. During an excision operation, Dr. Leonard can also relocate your areola and nipple. Your desired appearance and the size of your breasts will determine the incision patterns, lengths, and placements.

You could require both liposuction and excision. Dr. Leonard will advise the procedure that is most appropriate for you. You will get general anaesthesia through a vein in your arm prior to either procedure. You won’t experience any discomfort throughout the surgery since you’ll be unconscious the entire time.

Less Back Pain

Dr Leonard

Dr. Leonard will treat you with skill, discretion, and diligence. Dr. Leonard will examine the breast tissue to determine the severity of your gynecomastia.

Dr. Leonard will create a personalised treatment plan that is catered to your needs after quickly reviewing your medical history and the physical and psychological effects of your gynecomastia. He will also go through the fundamentals of the surgery. You’ll then be well on your way to a chest that is smoother and more sculpted.

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