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A fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as a “natural breast augmentation”, “fat transfer to breast” or simply “fat transfer” is a surgical operation intended to enlarge the breast using fat grafting methods. This makes it unnecessary to use foreign implant materials, like breast implants, and allows for more realistic results.

By using liposuction to extract the fat that will be transferred and injected into the breast, fat transfer breast augmentation has the advantage of enabling Dr.Leonard to remove undesirable fat from troublesome parts of the body


If you want to slightly adjust the size and form of your bust rather than make a big change, fat transfer breast augmentation (also known as fat transfer to breast) is the ideal procedure for you. When only one or two cup sizes are desired to be increased, fat transfer to the breasts offers a slight boost to the volume of the breasts.

Dr. Leonard often advises surgical breast augmentation surgery Dubai with implants for women who desire a more noticeable increase in their bust size. However, natural breast augmentation utilising your own fat is a desirable alternative if you don’t want to have foreign material placed into your body.

In addition, women who need breast contouring or symmetry restoration after a mastectomy or breast reconstructive procedure or who are dissatisfied with the feel of their current breast implants frequently choose for fat transfer breast augmentation. The fact that natural breast augmentation by fat transfer also incorporates liposuction is an added bonus, making the procedure particularly appealing to patients who want to simultaneously eliminate stubborn fat from undesirable places.

Dr. Leonard considers individuals fit for the procedure, if all of the following are
true of them:

  • Physically and psychologically fit and healthy, with fully developed breasts.
  • Concerned by the size or shape of at least one of their breasts.
  • Have realistic expectations of what can be achieved by surgery.


Depending on the amount of fat being transferred, the time required for fat transfer breast augmentation or natural breast augmentation is an invasive surgical operation carried out under general anaesthesia. By using natural fat deposits from other parts of your body, fat transfer breast augmentation can improve and enlarge your breasts. The operation consists of two steps: first, liposuction procedures are utilised to remove surplus fat (usually from the waist, buttocks, or thighs); second, this extra fat is then injected into the breast to augment and restructure the existing breasts.

In order to give you your ideal figure and body shape, Dr. Leonard will be able to discuss the places that are best to remove fat from for the transfer as well as what will look best on you. Additional liposuction procedures might be done if you want to remove extra fat from other regions. The healing process often takes one to three weeks, during which time we advise taking some time off work and limiting physical activity until the swelling has gone down. In around six weeks, regular exercise and physical activity can be fully resumed.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


Fat transfer to the breast is the most effective alternative to breast implants for permanently expanding the breasts. Due to the natural volumizing effects of fat grafting and fat injections, it is not required to utilise an artificial implant when transferring fat to the breasts.

All patients begin by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Leonard. During the consultation, you may discuss your goals for the natural breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Leonard as well as what may or may not be possible given your present breast anatomy, bone structure, and skin quality.

Along with a discussion of the post-procedure and recuperation period, a thorough discussion of risks and problems will be held. Your past medical history, including previous operations, medication, and allergies, will be noted, and Dr. Leonard will determine whether you are fit for surgery.

You are asked to consider having surgery if Dr. Leonard determines that you are a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation. There is a two-week “cooling off” phase for all patients. You are invited to visit the office as often as you’d like to talk to Dr. Leonard about your planned operation during this period.


Dr Leonard

High profile people, including royalty, CEOs, directors, celebrities, and influencers, are among Dr. Leonard’s patients. People whose careers depend on their looks, or those who, because of their positions or way of life, want to remain completely anonymous and discreet. He vigorously supports a natural and minimalistic aesthetic and the maxim “less is more.” He doesn’t think it’s a good idea to include unnecessary “extras,” only those that will actually help and have natural results.

According to Dr. Leonard’s own perspective, every patient should have a highly happy and lifeimproving experience from cosmetic and reconstructive operations. However, it is crucial that patients are thoroughly informed of the anticipated results, healing, and potential hazards.

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