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A facelift is a surgical technique used to improve the natural facial features and lessen indications of ageing. Dr. Leonard is a plastic and face surgeon in Dubai with extensive expertise. His surgical method focuses on the unique qualities of each patient, producing a natural, aesthetic result.


A facelift, commonly known as a rhytidectomy, is an operation that improves the face’s external look. It may radically revitalise your look and produce results that endure for years when done by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Leonard.

Specifically, a rhytidectomy can:

  • fresher appearance with a more youthful jawline and neck.
  • lift sagging skin.
  • tighten loose skin.
  • decrease wrinkles and lines.
  • restore youthful facial contours.
  • improve neck definition.

Our skin’s natural suppleness declines as we get into our 30s and 40s. As a result, the skin sags, develops fine lines and wrinkles, and looks worn and exhausted. Numerous advantages of rhytidectomy include:

  • boosting your self-confidence.
  • acts as a preventative measure, especially if our career is linked to your physical appearance. for example, acting.
  • it offers a more permanent solution. some patients may be frustrated with the temporary nature of fillers and non-surgical treatments.

Youthful Jawline and Neck


Dr. Leonard focuses in facial rejuvenation and uses a three-dimensional approach to his facelift procedures rather than the traditional two-dimensional lift and skin tightening. He always considers the restoration and rebuilding of volume. This method yields results that appear natural and will age more gracefully in the future.

Instead of doing one “all-out” correction, Dr. Leonard frequently does several. He creates a facelift approach that will provide the patient with the greatest results, combining this operation with autologous fat-transfer and skin repair for the best contouring and aesthetics. This will result in a rejuvenation that is balanced, healthy, and naturalistic.

Combining a facelift with an endoscopic brow lift and eyelid surgery is common. Where appropriate, the use of a chin implant may make up for age-related bone loss and further balance the aesthetics of the jawline. Incisions are created in discrete places, such as in the creases of the cheek and ear that form naturally and beneath the hairline. Scars are entirely hidden by post-tragal incisions made inside the ear. The scars are made to gradually disappear almost completely over time.

When the face and neck have started to sag but the skin still has some elasticity and the bone structure is well-defined, a complete facelift is the best option.

Decrease Wrinkles and Lines

Dr Leonard

The main goal for patients of Dr. Leonard is to seem natural and refreshed—like themselves, but better. He pays attention to each patient since everyone of us is different and requires a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to us. He requests that each patient provide an old photo of themselves from when they were in their 30s so that it may be used as a model for their procedure. Most patients desire to go back in time and seem healthier, more refreshed, and younger.

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