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An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a surgical operation that removes sagging skin and extra fat from the upper arm to give the arm a more sculpted appearance. The distribution of extra skin or fat in the arm may be:

  • genetically determined.
  • brought on by weight increase (excess fat deposits).
  • brought on by weight reduction (excess skin).
  • brought on by ageing when the upper arm skin becomes loose and flabby.

With the use of skin excision and liposuction, an arm lift treatment called a brachioplasty tries to treat these issues and leave behind skin that is tight and smooth.


The benefits of an arm lift are both cosmetic and psychological, and include:

  • firmer, leaner, more slender arms.
  • tightened arm skin and elasticity.
  • restored, redefined figure.
  • sculpted, shapely arms.
  • ability to wear tighter cut clothes/swimwear.
  • improved sense of emotional wellbeing.



Liposuction and skin excision are the two main surgical procedures used in a brachioplasty to get the desired results. Liposuction focuses on the upper arm and surrounding regions to remove unwanted fat deposits. The armpit and the back of the elbow are both incised discreetly. The arm fat will next be gently removed by Dr. Leonard.

Adjacent areas of fat deposits that can be treated at the same time include:

  • the shoulder
  • armpit
  • back
  • breast
  • forearms
  • back of the elbow

The loose skin that hangs down behind the arm, sometimes referred to as “Bingo Wings,” is the focus of skin excision. This could be a pre-existing problem in the patient, or it might be the result of the removal of extra fat deposits after liposuction. From the rear of the elbow, along the axis between the inside and back of the arm, curving towards the armpit, the skin is removed in a long elliptical form. To make the scar as undetectable as feasible, it is crucial to take into account its placement.

Since a liposuction operation frequently leaves behind excess loose skin that needs to be removed, these two surgical procedures are frequently combined. Skin excision only operations are more popular among patients who are skinnier and have already lost a significant amount of weight, whereas liposuction alone is most popular in younger people whose skin is still reasonably elastic.

Sculpted, Shapely Arms.

Dr Leonard

To achieve symmetry, meticulous planning and surgical skill are necessary. Patients who have had uneven amounts of skin and fat removed frequently have arms that are abnormally formed and different sizes. In certain cases, patients even needed skin transplants to be used to replace lost skin. This should be taken into account right away.

Using excellent placement techniques, a highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Leonard can decrease arm lift scars and conceal them from view. Arm lift scars take a while to fade, but Dr. Leonard will work to keep them to the armpit. To do this, he will remove the skin from the armpit area and then pull up the arm skin in the direction of the armpit. Some patients may not be able to completely cover their arm lift scars, especially those with large amounts of extra skin or fat.

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