After your surgery, it’s really important to stick to all the instructions provided to ensure you heal well and get the best results.


Think of the following instructions as your responsibility. They’re like a checklist to track your progress as you recover. They cover what’s normal after surgery and highlight any health issues you should keep an eye on.


After a breast enlargement surgery with silicone implants, you might experience some common symptoms:

– Tightness in your chest area and stiffness

– Tingling, burning, or occasional shooting pain: These are normal sensations as your skin, muscles, and tissue adjust to accommodate the implants and your nerves heal. Pain medications and muscle relaxants can help manage any discomfort. If you have drains, you might also feel localized discomfort. However, if you experience sharp, persistent pain, it’s important to contact our office right away. It’s common to experience hypersensitivity or decreased sensitivity in your nipples after surgery, which should improve gradually over time. You might also notice a small amount of fluid or milk seeping from the nipples. If this becomes painful or excessive, please notify my office right away. To feel a sense of heaviness in your chest as you adjust to your implants, which typically diminishes within 2-4 weeks after surgery.


You may notice shiny skin or experience itchiness due to swelling during the healing process. If the skin becomes red and warm to the touch, please contact our office promptly. It’s normal for breasts to appear or feel different from each other shortly after surgery. Breast massage and time will help achieve symmetry in shape, position, and size.


You might hear or feel a sloshing sensation, which is caused by trapped air and fluid in the implant pocket. This is normal and usually resolves within 2-4 weeks.



The initial 24-48 hours post-surgery can be the most uncomfortable. Make sure to take all prescribed medications as directed, ideally with bland food to prevent nausea on an empty stomach. Follow the garment instructions provided after surgery, and if needed, you can pick up an additional garment at the office. Before taking any Aspirin or similar medications, it’s essential to consult the office. You can take Tylenol unless you’re already using a pain medication containing Tylenol.


Stick to easily digestible foods for the first day after surgery. If nausea isn’t an issue, you can gradually resume your regular diet. Keep hydrated with non-caffeinated beverages, and include fiber-rich fruits to prevent constipation. If constipation occurs, consider stopping pain medication (if possible) and try remedies like magnesium citrate or prune juice from your local pharmacy. These measures may take up to 24 hours to take effect and can be repeated as needed.



Until cleared Dr. Leonard, refrain from lifting anything over 10-15lb. Rest frequently at home, with short walks to prevent leg clots. Increase activity levels gradually, guided by comfort if it hurts, avoid it. Wait for clearance before resuming activities like jogging, aerobics, or vigorous exercise. Avoid heavy household chores until cleared. You can shower 24 hours post-surgery, but keep incisions and drains dry. Keep steri-strips on; remove other dressings to shower.


Wear the provided garment 24/7, removing only for showering or laundering. After two weeks, you can stop wearing it while sleeping. Have assistance with personal hygiene while taking pain meds. Limit arm use to essential tasks, avoiding heavy lifting or vigorous motion. Consult me before returning to work, especially if it involves heavy lifting. Avoid sleeping on your stomach until soreness subsides, and consider propping with pillows for comfort. Avoid sunbathing for 4-6 weeks unless cleared by me.

For 6 weeks, avoid underwire bras, favoring supportive options for exercise. Smoking should be avoided for 6 weeks to aid healing.

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