Women often opt for primary breast augmentation surgery to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. Additionally, some choose revision-augmentation surgery to replace existing implants and improve the results of their initial surgery. Studies show that many women are highly satisfied with the outcome of their breast implant surgeries, appreciating the improved body image and the look, feel, and size of their implants. According to Sientra’s Clinical Study, many patients, both first-time and revision, felt more feminine and attractive after their procedures. Most also reported increased self-esteem.




Choosing to undergo breast augmentation with silicone gel implants is a significant decision that involves weighing both benefits and risks. It’s essential to determine if it’s the right choice for you by discussing all options with Dr. Leonard, your plastic surgeon, and any other healthcare providers involved in your care.


Breast augmentation using silicone gel implants is an option for enhancing the appearance of your breasts. If you have previously undergone breast augmentation and need to refine, improve, or correct aspects of that initial procedure, a revision-augmentation surgery might be necessary. Deciding if breast augmentation is suitable for you involves considering various personal factors. These include your medical history, overall health, lifestyle, emotional state, and your current breast size and shape, as well as your desired outcomes. The success of your surgery will be influenced by these factors. It’s important to discuss your goals for breast augmentation thoroughly with Dr. Leonard and your healthcare providers. Consulting family, friends, and breast implant support groups can also provide valuable insights and help you weigh your options.




The surgical process for breast augmentation involves several decisions that you and your surgical team, which includes surgeons, nurses, and an anesthetist—will make as you plan your operation. These decisions encompass:


– Surgical setting: This refers to where the surgery will be performed, which could be a hospital, surgery center, or doctor’s office.

– Type of anesthesia:The anesthesia used during the procedure.

– Incision location: Where the incisions for inserting the implants will be made.

– Implant placement: How the implants will be positioned within your breasts, either subglandular (above the muscle) or submuscular (below the muscle).

– Tissue coverage: Whether your existing skin and breast tissue are adequate to cover the implants properly.




Each aspect of breast augmentation is discussed in the following sections. The available procedure for you will depend on several factors including your medical condition, breast size and shape, overall health, lifestyle, and your goals for augmentation. Breast augmentation using Silicone Gel Breast Implants is generally completed in a single surgery.



Breast augmentation can be performed in various locations such as hospitals, private surgery centers, clinics, or a surgeon’s office. It’s important to feel comfortable with the location where your surgery will take place. If you’re considering a private surgery center or an office setting, you might want to visit the facility beforehand to see where the procedure will occur.



Breast implant surgery may be administered under general or local anesthesia. All types of anesthesia involve some risks. It’s crucial to discuss the risks and benefits of the anesthesia options recommended by your surgeon and anesthetist before your surgery.


When planning your breast augmentation, Dr. Leonard will help you decide on the desired appearance of your breasts and choose the appropriate implants to achieve that effect. Factors like your body type, height, and weight will be considered to ensure the best results.



Your surgeon will assess your breast tissue and skin to determine if you have sufficient coverage for the implants. If there isn’t enough skin or breast tissue, you may face a choice of different options. Using implants that are too large for your natural tissue can lead to complications such as accelerated sagging due to gravity, implant extrusion, skin wrinkling, infection, and hematoma. Large implants may also lead to feeling or seeing folds of the implant if it’s squeezed too tightly by the surrounding tissue, or feeling the edges of the implant if the skin over it is stretched too thinly.


To learn more about Breast Augmentation procedure, please visit our dedicated page here: Breast Augmentation

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